about us

We, Nadja Rix and Joana Naomi Welteke, together echo.urban.GbR, are an artist duo from Hamburg (Germany) in search of everything that is acoustically there. We practise listening, precise, active, curious, creative listening. We deal with the acoustic material in an aesthetic way and let it become audible again in public, rearranged and brought into a different form.

As a collective, we locate our work in public space, deal with what we encounter and have a participatory, low-threshold approach. We are interested in the urban space with its people and paths. Our joint Bachelor’s background in „Expressive Arts in Social Transformation“ enables us to work intermedially and grounded in the intersection of the arts and the social. In addition to our unusual and contemporary interactive installations and performative works, we also offer workshops.

Joana Naomi Welteke (born 1997): Coming from a dance and circus background, where she worked as a choreographer and performer, Joana is currently more intensively involved with artistic actions, installations in public space and the topic of participation. After completing her bachelor’s degree (2020), she works in various project-based constellations and increasingly integrates different multimedia possibilities for the artistic treatment of social themes, the use of which she is further deepening in her master’s programme “Sound/Vision”. In addition to her projects with Nadja Rix, Joana also works closely with the street performance company OAKLEAF Streetshow. In addition to her activities in project conception and implementation and as an performer, Joana works as a circus educator with children.

more information and projects:
Cubes of Communication
Oakleaf Streetshow

Nadja Rix (born 1971) gained many years of experience in various professional fields before she decided to take the path into the artistic-social context by studying “EAST”. This is where Joana and she met and realised their first student projects. The idea of the record-o-mat was born from these first joint experiences. Nadja’s main artistic interest is the large diverse stage of the sonic environment, mainly in urban space, finding and creating special auditory atmospheres and searching for concepts to relate people to their sonic environment. Another great passion is everyday photography. This is reflected in the long-term photopoetic project “Poesie liegt auf der Straße”.
Nadja lives in Hamburg with her daughter Amina.

Further information and projects:

Jointly realised, among others:
Spezi Hurra – a sound-artistic sound collage with residents of Anscharhöhe, Hamburg