Joana Naomi Welteke (born 1997) lives and studies in Hamburg. In her hometown Bielefeld she gathered experiences in music, dance and circus arts. In her interdisciplinary studies “expressive arts in social transformation”, Joana specializes in music. Together with her co-student Nadja Rix, she applies her curiosity to everyday noises and the artistic exploration with soundscapes. The meaning of recordings as a composing tool increases in their workshops and projects in public space. Besides the development of the project “record-o-mat”, Joana presently works together with the streetperformance company Oakleaf Stelzenkunst. This gives her the chance to connect her interests for choreographie, performing- and visual art, composition, improvisation and programming.

Nadja Rix (born 1971) has had a proper professional career in different fields before taking a new turn in life towards arts in the social field, precisely studying EAST Expressive Arts in Social Transformation at Medical School in Hamburg. That’s where Joana and she met and started realising first projects together. Through these first joint experiences in developing artistic processes the idea of the record-o-mat was born. Though the project is a cooperation on equal terms Joana is much into the technical aspects while Nadja is more involved in managing and the outreach activities. Her main artistic focus is the vast acoustic stage of sounds of all kinds, mainly in the urban contexts finding and creating special atmospheres and soundscapes and search for new and different approaches for people to relate to their acoustic surroundings. She as well has a long-lasting may be even lifetime photo-poetic project called “Poesie liegt auf der Straße”.
Nadja lives in Hamburg with her 12-year old daughter Amina.