record-o-mat on tour

The record-o-mat on Tour – moving between urban districts, visiting festivals, as an artistic tool in workshops… this page is used for documentation and announcements. Be curious.

If you are interested to have the record-o-mat on your festival, in your neighborhood, school or event – you´re welcome to contact us!


record-o-mat on air

“in the echo chamber”
06. Feb. 2023 || 22 Uhr

at TIDE Radio
every first Monday of the month, 22 – 22:58 hrs.
Call live: 040 23969 776
(the number will be activated from the start of the broadcast)

to the live stream and media library

record-o-mat on air. Actually located in a frog-green telephone booth in a public space, the record-o-mat is connected to an answering machine and becomes an interactive, playful radio format.

Call and leave your contribution to the topic on 040 23969 776. Fragmented, it becomes part of a magical sound sculpture, to be heard live. Chance decides.

Past broadcasts and information on the format


record-o-mat at the Mixtur Festival in Barcelona

06. – 09. Oct. 2022

Mixtur Festival, new sound creation festival in Barcelona,
Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació,
Carrer Sant Adrià, 20 (Sant Andreu), 08030 – Barcelona

We have rented a Spanish phone box, combined with our wooden soundboxes the record-o-mat was built 🙂

We are very happy to be invited to the international New Music Festival. After two years of waiting, we were finally going to Barcelona.

Many thanks to Jorge da Rocha, Catharina Boutari and Élénie Wagner for the spontaneous “record-o-mat Jam”! Many thanks to all participating people on site and especially to the Mixtur Festival team, we felt very appreciated, cared for and free at the same time!

Play Video
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record-o-mat at the museum

“Pop up City: Children’s Rights”
28. Sep. – 01. Oct. 2022

at the Museum für Arbeit, Wiesendamm 3, Hamburg-Barmbek.
As part of the installation “Pop Up City: Children’s Rights”.
in cooperation with the association KinderKinder.

Wednesday 28.9. to Friday 30.9. mainly for schools, Sat 1.10. for families.
More information and links to the online ticket shop from 31.8. here.
Children and reduced €7, adults €9, school classes €3.

record-o-mat Workshops

on the topic of children’s rights
16. September || internal
28. / 29. Sep. 2022 || public

in cooperation with the association KinderKinder.

On 16 September, we organised a project day at the school An der Burgweide
in Kirchdorf-Süd, Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.


On 28 and 29 September we will offer workshops in the morning, especially for school classes. These will take place at the Museum für Arbeit, Wiesendamm 3, Hamburg-Barmbek, as part of the installation “Pop Up City: Children’s Rights”. More information here.

record-o-mat meets
Zentrum für Zukunft

“who owns the city?”
12. – 27. Sep. 2022 || open to the public
daily from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.

on the ground floor of Artstadt, the old Karstadt-Sports building
at Mönckebergstraße 2-4, Hamburg.

in cooperation with the initiative Zentrum für Zukunft.

record-o-mat in the museum

Deutsches Museum für schwarze
und Black Music

16. – 28. Aug. 2022 || 14 – 21 Uhr

at Artstadt, the old Karstadt-Sports building at Mönckebergstraße 2-4, Hamburg.

in cooperation with DMSUBM x FORMATION NOW**.
as part of Kampnagel’s international summer festival 2022
8 euros (50% reduced with Kampnagel festival ticket)

Long-term installation

14. June – 14. July 2022

at “PARKS”
Bullerdeich 6, 20537 Hamburg
open between 11:00 – 22:00 Uhr

First transformation – two windows are broken. For the time being, the installation is shut down, but we will try to get it up and running again soon.

record-o-mat Workshop

“performative Rally in HafenCity and Oberhafen”
03. July 2022 || intern

in cooperation with Thalia jung&mehr Hamburg, as part of European youth exchange “YOU PERFORM”:
50 young people from four countries France, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands.

Today, for once, only clamped onto the bicycle… the record-o-mat came in its smallest form and formed the finale of our performative rally through HafenCity and the Oberhafen in Hamburg. Performative as well as discursive tasks were located along the way, offering the approx. 50 young performers different perspectives on the district. Impressions of the path, as well as of the shared time of international exchange, were fed into the record-o-mat at the end point in the rooms of the Lukulule and made audible in the room.

Here is a short recording:

record-o-mat on stage

12. Juni 2022 || 17-18 Uhr

as part of the music festival 48h Wilhelmsburg
Stübenplatz in 21107 Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg

Embedded in the neighbourhood music festival 48h Wilhelmsburg, the record-o-mat will stand for one day on the market square of the Reiherstiegviertel – the Stübenplatz. Visitors and passers-by can listen to the changing sound collage at any time and make their own sound recordings.

From 5 pm, the musicians Mounir Brinsi and Dorothea Koch will enter into a playful and musical dialogue with the record-o-mat. Visitors to the concert performance can interact live and become part of the concert experience through their own contribution, fundamentally controlling thematic content. Speech fragments, synthesizer, loop station, vocal performance – the interpretation is extemporaneous and situational. The concert format questions the meaning of stage and performance in an unconventional way.

more info about the format

record-o-mat Workshop

10. Juni 2022 || intern

als Teil des OHStivals der Otto-Hahn-Schule Jenfeld

record-o-mat Workshop

“Ich und Ort und Esperanto 2.0”
01. Juni 2022 || intern

dock europe e.V. Netzwerkwerktreffen PASSAGE 2022

That was a great day at the German-French network meeting Passage! on the grounds of fux and on the paths in Hamburg-Altona. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience.

Long-term installation

“What makes you unique?”
17. Nov – 17. Dec

open to the public around the clock
on the outdoor grounds of HAW Hamburg
Finkenau 35, 22081 Hamburg

The installation is supported with funds Equality / Diversity
of the Faculty DMI of HAW Hamburg. Many thanks.


The Hamburg Synagogue Monument by Margrit Kahl – Its Artistic, Art Historical and Remembrance Cultural Significance

the record-o-mat as artistic accompaniment to the event
in the exhibition space of the Hamburg State and University Library
30.09.2021   II  14:30 – 20:30 Uhr

Foto: Kurt W. Hamann  

Flyer Symposium Download
to the live stream of the symposium here 
organised by Forum für Künsternachlässe

In the context of the underrepresented history of some historical places and in dialogue with them and the urban society, historical facts can have an effect in the public space as an “acoustic stumbling block” with the help of the record-o-mat and thus provide impetus for new kinds of public discourse. We are planning to place the record-o-mat on Joseph-Carlebach-Platz. The material collected at the symposium will be available in this set-up as a basic composition and invite the public to engage in dialogue.

record-o-mat as a digital guest book

as part of Grenzgängerger Festival Live und Digital.
Thalia jung&mehr Hamburg
18.06. – 26.06.2021

Forgotten your pen? The guest book is once again not where it should be?
Long queue at the book and everyone is taking so long?

No problem – this is the way. The record-omat becomes a digital guestbook for border crossers! Actually located in a frog-green telephone booth in a public space, the record-o-mat is connected to an answering machine and streaming software and becomes a digital guestbook for the festival. Share your impressions.
Enthusiasm, amazement, applause, booing, what really moves you with the impressions, enthusiasm, amazement… of everyone else and leave them as a message on our answering machine. The record-omat takes a fragment of each new incoming contribution on a random basis programmed by us and inserts it into the wonderful composition of the previous guestbook snippets. This magical sound sculpture is constantly changing and reshaping itself, and can be heard live.

Call and leave your impression of the festival at 040.32814-709
18.06. – 26.06.2021, daily 17 – 22 o’clock

Above you can hear the guestbook filled over nine days.

more information here.

record-o-mat is FLEX-o-mat

as part of FLEX Festivals für junges Theater Hamburg
on the Kampnagel site
08.06 – 20.06.2021

The FLEX-o-mat: A performative sound installation that plays back language modules from the festival workshops and in which you can participate – simply speak your favourite sentences from your production to your heart’s content and your voice will resound out into the world again and again and take shape artfully in combination with other sentences.

more information here.

Texturen der Freiheit

in Kooperation with Thalia Theater Hamburg
as part of Lessingtage Thalia jung&mehr
installation start: expected in June 2021

What is freedom?
What is freedom for you? What do you want freedom for and for whom?
For what should freedom be restricted?

Director Kerstin Steeb is conducting the Thalia jung&mehr research project “Textures of Freedom” in schools for “Lessingtage 2021 digital – Stories from Europe”. With her support, courses from five different schools in Hamburg have approached the term “freedom” in an exploratory way and developed individual statements on it. With the help of the record-o-mat, installed in a telephone booth, the statements are recorded, mixed with other fragments of previous recordings and thus artistically collaged and called out into the public – as textures of freedom.

audio samples:

Texturen der Freiheit: das Labyrinth
Texturen der Freiheit: no freedom ’til

Press release:

Klang-Collage zum Thema Freiheit
26. Februar 2021
Elbe Wochenblatt


Kerstin Steeb (Projektleitung)
Nadja Rix & Joana Naomi Welteke (record-o-mat)
Herbert Enge (Projektidee und Beratung, Thalia jung&mehr)
Schüler:innen und Lehrer:innen hamburischer Schulen


18. und 19. September 2020
in August-Lütgens-Park Hamburg-Altona
as part of a park installation of OAKLEAF Streetshow

Poles, tarp, wooden speakers and the rec control panel, plus the laptop tucked under your arm…. This is our mobile record-o-mat, which we affectionately call “the insect”. On September 18 and 19, 2020, it celebrated its public premiere at August-Lütgens-Park in Hamburg-Altona, embedded in a luminous park installation on the occasion of OAKLEAF Streetshow’s 10th anniversary. Congratulations and thank you for the support and invitation!